Meditation for Anxiety – London Courses

If you often feel anxious or jittery, my London meditation course could help you. I teach Vedic Meditation, which is easy to learn and works quickly. Many students have felt reduced anxiety within the first few days.

Meditation For Anxiety - London Courses

Understanding your anxiety

Most of us experience anxiety at some point. We might feel on edge before delivering a crucial presentation, or struggle to sleep the night before meeting a new client.

Many of my students use Vedic Meditation to calm anxious feelings and reduce stress. It’s not a replacement for therapy, medication or other treatment, but it is a valuable self-care tool.

If anxious feelings are starting to become severe or are really interfering with your life, you may need more specialised help. Please do seek advice from the NHS, or find support through your GP. There are millions of people across the UK who are living with anxiety. You’re not alone and you don’t have to suffer in silence.

I can teach you how to use Vedic Meditation to ease your anxiety and feel calmer. Courses are held in London. Book a free talk to learn more.

How Vedic Meditation can ease anxiety

Vedic Meditation works by de-exciting your nervous system and easing tension. It helps to quieten the mental chatter that’s a key symptom of anxiety.

During your meditation, you enter a state of deep rest. In this restful state, you start to release the built-up tension and stress that you've been carrying.

As a result, you feel calmer, your anxiety is subdued, and you find it easier to focus on what’s important again.

Vedic Meditation for anxiety

Vedic Meditation has helped my students to feel less anxious. It can help you to:

  • Feel calmer, less worried and more focused
  • Sleep better and find it easier to relax
  • Calm your racing mind
  • Meditate easily — even if you can't quieten your thoughts
  • Enjoy improvements quickly
  • Fit your 20-minute meditations into your daily life

Vedic Meditation can help to ease anxiety and reduce worrying. It’s simple to learn and benefits are felt quickly.

"Before the course, I found it difficult to find a technique that resonates with me. I'd tried focusing on the breath, picturing a flower, candle, and yet they felt like shallow practices, not diving deep enough for my perfectionist needs.

I find this meditation extremely powerful and feel the benefits right away! It's impressive, I'm amazed."

Sandra Simion - Testimonial for Mira Meditation

Sandra Simion

Project Executive

Why Vedic Meditation?

You may have tried other types of meditation in the past and found them difficult.

You may have struggled to silence your thoughts or focus on your breathing. With Vedic Meditation, there's no need to silence your thoughts.

I’ll teach you how a simple mantra can do the hard work for you. On your meditation course, you'll receive a personalised mantra that de-excites your mind naturally. It takes no effort from you.

Plus, you’ll only need to meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day, and you’ll be able to meditate anywhere you like.

What is anxiety?

Most people feel anxious at times. Your stomach flutters. Your heart starts racing. You may feel hot and clammy. These feelings are caused by hormones that are released by the fight-or-flight response.

Thousands of years ago, that stress response would have helped you to tackle a real danger – such as an angry cave lion. Now, it can be triggered by an uncomfortable situation – such as speaking to a large audience or pitching a new idea to an important client.

In most cases, the symptoms are short-lived. However, sometimes anxiety can become more than an occasional, temporary annoyance – it rears its head all too frequently and starts to interfere with your life.

"Since the meditation course I have had noticeably reduced anxiety as well as increased productivity / less procrastination.

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is curious about meditation and the benefits it provides!”

Ellen Meditation For Anxiety In London

Ellen Anderson

Account Manager

Learn how to calm your mind, feel more focused and relax more easily. Book a free talk to get started.

"I'm so glad I did the course with Mira. It's literally changed my life. Helping me sleep, giving me better energy but most importantly, little things that used to bother me just don't nearly as much any more. Simply, I feel more "zen", less stressed and far more relaxed. I highly recommend anyone thinking about doing the course to do it."

James Meditation For Anxiety In London

James Williamson

Yacht Racer

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety, your fight-or-flight mechanism never seems to fully switch off. Your body goes into a perpetual state of being on guard.

Because of this, you often feel on edge, nervous and jittery. You find yourself worrying about little things. And you replay conversations in your mind. Should you have said X rather than Y? Did you offend your client accidentally? Those thoughts don’t always end when your working day finishes – they can replay during your leisure time so you can’t fully enjoy your evenings and weekends.

If you feel anxious most days, you may have generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). This is a recognised medical condition and can be debilitating, so please do seek help from the NHS.

How do I learn meditation for anxiety in London?

I teach regular Vedic Meditation courses in London. You'll learn meditation over four consecutive days, with each session taking two hours. I’m a qualified teacher, and keep class sizes small so that I can offer you individual help.

My students often report feeling calmer, less agitated and more relaxed within days. And once the course is finished, you’ll have ongoing support for as long as you want it. This includes your unlimited access to our group meditation classes.

When is the next course?

Courses are held regularly, at different days and times. Here are the upcoming course dates:

  • Fri 16th – Mon 19th August
  • Fri 11th – Mon 14th October

How do I start?

The first step is to attend a free talk online. I'll explain what to expect from a course and answer all your questions.

If you decide that Vedic Meditation is right for you, we can then reserve your place on a course to start learning meditation for anxiety.

Meditation For Anxiety – London Courses

"Mira explains the process of Vedic Meditation in a simple but in-depth way and her warmth and wisdom make the course and the ongoing practice of meditation such a delight. I highly recommend studying with her. Thank you Mira!"

Peta Ridley - Testimonial for Mira Meditation

Peta Ridley

Film Editor

Reduce your anxiety

If you'd like to find out whether my meditation course could help with your anxiety, come to a free talk online to learn more.