Benefits of Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation allows the mind to settle and the body to rest very deeply. Afterwards, both the mind and body feel refreshed.

Gain Energy

Gain energy

Energy levels are recharged by Vedic Meditation. You feel more alert and focused for hours afterwards.

Feel less stressed

Many people use Vedic Meditation to calm an over-active mind, ease anxiety and reduce stress.

Achieve More - Productivity Benefit

Achieve more

Vedic Meditation clears stress and fatigue. So you can tackle challenges head-on and get more done.

Creativity Benefit

Feel Creative

Whether you’re designing an ad or an IT solution, Vedic Meditation can help keep the ideas flowing.

Sleep better

This meditation has a strong track record of helping people sleep at night and wake ready for the day.

Feel Better Quickly

Feel better, quickly

Vedic Meditation takes hours to learn, not years. And most meditators notice the benefits within days.

Benefits of Vedic Meditation - Learn to meditate

How it works

On the first day of your Vedic Meditation course, you’ll receive your personal mantra. This mantra works to de-excite your nervous system. There’s no need to silence your thoughts – the mantra does the work for you. After meditating, you have more energy and feel more alert, clear-headed and refreshed.

Vedic Meditation also dissolves old stress and tensions. Meditators find it easier to unwind – to stop worrying about work at 11pm or repeating conversations in their head over and over again. They often report better sleep, reduced anxiety and the ability to enjoy more of life.

We all have to face demanding situations sometimes. Your train will be cancelled or a colleague will ask the earth, sky and moon. Meditation helps you adapt to the highs and lows that life brings.

How it’s different

Vedic Meditation is easy. And benefits come quickly. Most people feel noticeable changes during the four-day course. They report feeling calmer and less stressed. Within a few days, they often start sleeping better and having more energy.

There’s no need for books, apps, podcasts or special equipment. It only takes 20 minutes, twice a day. So it fits into daily life. It’s meditation for people who don’t think they have time to meditate.

It can be done anywhere – in your office, on the tube, at the airport or even on your daily commute.

And once you've taken the course, you'll have ongoing support for life.

How is Vedic Meditation different? - Learn to meditate

How to learn

Vedic Meditation is taught over four days; each session lasts about two hours. You'll start meditating on the first day and finish the course with a life-long technique.

You’ll learn how to meditate, why it works and how to fit it into your life. You’ll get expert instruction.

Courses are offered at evenings and weekends to fit around working life.

After the course, you’ll have free ongoing support. And you’ll have lifetime access to our group meditation and knowledge sessions.

The first step is to come along to a free introductory talk with Mira Meditation.