Learn to Meditate

Learn Vedic Meditation in London - Intro Talk and Course

Come along to a free talk in London. You’ll learn about this simple technique and the benefits you can expect. It’s your chance to ask questions, so you can decide if this meditation is right for you. There's no obligation to sign up to a course. * UPDATE: In light of the current situation, I'm offering these talks online. *

If you don't see a date that works for you, just drop me a line and we'll make time for a phone chat. I'll explain the meditation and answer your questions.

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Learn To Meditate

Benefits of Vedic Meditation

Icon Energy Min

Gain energy

Icon Sleep2 Min

Sleep better

Icon Tasklist2 Min

Feel sharper

Icon Balance Min

Reduce stress

Icon Anxiety Min

Ease anxiety

Icon Creativity Min

Unlock creativity